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I am the official creator of the 963hybrid™; which is an organic lifestyle that is in-line with attempting to live to 99.90+!
Are you a hybrid too?

Do you believe that there is only one God that created everything by creating themselves and everything both good and evil?

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If this site is ever taken down by demons who violate the constitution, it will grow and relocate!

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About the 963hybrid™

Becoming a hybrid seems impossible

If you are strong and powerful enough to strengthen your mind in ways that you may never have before, then you can achieve becoming a hybrid.
Hybrids only consume the following:

  • 96.66-99.90% Organic Vegan - Organic plant-based diet (i.e. plants; shrubs; & trees).
  • 0.999-3.33% Organic Vegetarian - Organic Dairy byproducts with no meat.
  • 0.011% Margin of Error - You accidentally consume something (i.e. meat; sugar; soy; etc.).

Take a look at our organic hybrid lifestyle and diet

Welcome hybrids! We are all on an extremely difficult path to 99.90+!  

Organic Environment

As a hybrid I agree to live in an environment that is free of harmful and DNA damaging items. I agree to not destroy our surrounding sacred hybrid environment.

Organic Food

As a hybrid I agree to live in an environment that is free of harmful and DNA damaging chemical ingredients that may be added to the food both at the farm and production facility level.

Organic Filtered Well Water

As a hybrid I agree to consume only extremely well filtered organic water extracted from a safe distance under ground that  does not contain any damaging chemical additives.

Organic Chemicals

As a hybrid I agree to live in an environment that does not include any chemical ingredients or production chemicals of any kind; including topical products like soaps and lotions.

Our Hybrid Details

963hybrids™ consume approximately (daily):

3.33 - 6.66 servings of organic raw whole Fruits;
3.33 - 6.66 servings of organic raw whole Vegetables; &
0.99 - 3.33 servings of organic raw whole Nuts.

Exception: 963hybrids™ have to lightly steam-cook some Vegetables to simply avoid 6.66% negativity (disfunction) in the Thyroid.

Common Vegetables to steam-cook: Broccoli; Cauliflower; Kale; Cabbage; etc.

Exception: 963hybrids™ have to lightly steam-cook or roast only some Nuts.

Common Nuts to roast: Coming Soon...

963hybrids™ remain 99.90+ meters away from the following units that are connected to a power source:

       WiFi (no limits: TV; printer; router; modem; cellular; etc).
       Cellular: Phone & Internet
       Cordless Phones

963hybrids™ do NOT live closer than 0.99 - 6.66 plus miles from radio/cell/data towers/antennas.

963hybrids™ do NOT remain closer than 66.6 feet from RFID Scanners & 33.3 feet from RFID spy chips that grow cancer in the area they remain (i.e. wallet near your organs). Readers are hidden everywhere including: interstates; grocery stores; & quiet stealthy drones hovering above!!!!!!

963hybrids™ do NOT remain closer than 66.6 feet from Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) greater than extremely low; such as the passenger seat of a automobile that has a powerful electronic device behind the glove box where your knees & some organs remain too close. EMF detectors are useful, but remember that extremely low levels of EMFs are still damaging as they are emitting low-dose radiation for your DNA & organs.

963hybrids™ allocate more awake daylight time toward reality; versus virtual reality time on a computer.

963hybrids™ do NOT remain hidden in the darkness and come out into the direct sunlight for at least 33.33 to 99.99 minutes daily.

963hybrids™ do NOT consume organic sugar, because it can significantly damage the mitochondria (DNA) and feeds cancer cells.

963hybrids™ do consume significant amounts of antioxidants (i.e. blackberries) to combat some of the significant damage done to the mitochondria (DNA) by accidentally consuming organic sugar.

963hybrids™ do NOT consume organic cheese more than 0.999-3.33% of the time to avoid damage to the body (living organism); which will likely appear as red--burning--blisters on the hands (or many locations on the body) that itch like:
poison--ivy on the hands

causing the hands to be in pain

from the blisters (i.e. Eczema; etc...).

963hybrids™ do NOT consume organic soy.

963hybrids™ complete a 0.999 - 3.33 day, pure chemical free clean water only, fast about once per year to rebuild stem cells.

Not all... But some 963hybrid like to have (Turmeric+Coenzyme_Q10+Cinnamon+Ginger+pure_clean_water) in one glass and a modified bottle of Secret_12.
Modified Secret_12 Recipe: Add about 3.33 small single drops of Liquid Kelp and a pinch of PPQ 100% Pure Special Synthetic B-Vitamin into a full bottle of Secret_12 - shake before every use. ('WHEW!!!!!!! NOW THAT'S WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT'...)
Caution: The recipe states to add the 3.33 small single drops of Liquid Kelp (very concentrated plant-based Iodine), because too much Iodine may not be as beneficial as this recipe in it's diluted form (so the concentrated Liquid Kelp and concentrated 100% pure synthetic PQQ are both diluted within the Secret_12 bottle to avoid too much Iodine and synthetic PQQ). You can find a list of plant-based PQQ
(significantly weaker/safer-for-large-consumption) via the draft site. However, the draft site is NOT ready to be published as a completed copy (research the draft copy significantly). 963hybrid like to only consume a maximum of 19.99 mg of Synthetic 100% Pure PQQ, because it's very difficult to reach above this level via plant-based PQQ.

963hybrid love Organic Coconut Oil for both topical and oral consumption (plant-based medicine) and replace it with the use of Organic Canola Oil. 963hybrid believe that only very small amounts of Organic Canola Oil are safe for oral consumption. 963hybrid avoid Organic Canola Oil as much as possible.



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